Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Summary for C4T 2

The first teacher I was assigned for C4T 2 wrote about students and blogging. Her title was Reflecting on the Value of Blogging. She and her class believe that blogging is a great way to express their thoughts and set goals. Her students are able to communicate their ideas and experiences just from knowing an audience is reading their blogs. They have realized the values of proof reading and editing their work before posting. I agree with what she has said because before this class I did not blog. Now that I am and know my future bosses will be reading what I have said I want to write things I will not be ashamed of in the near future. She says she and her class believe blogging has given them a real reason to write and I agree completely with that statement. I feel now that I’m not just writing for a class, I’m writing to express my thoughts and feelings about an issue and the world can see my opinion.

The second teacher I was assigned for C4T 2 is a different teacher than the first teacher I was assigned. Mr. Larry Ferlazzo is his name and the title of his blog post is The Best Sites For Images of Fall Foliage (& For Teaching About The Season). This post Mr. Ferlazzo basically just posted a list of sites that had information about the season of fall. What I found really interesting about this was he did not just post websites that had strictly written information. He posted sites with pictures and even songs on them. I think this is great because many people like me, are visual learners or learn better by listening. He also posts different geographical locations with pictures. I thought this blog post was really cool because I love the season of fall especially the colors.

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