Monday, October 4, 2010

blog post 6

The networked student by: Wendy Drexler

I really enjoyed watching this video because it was extremely informative. The networked student is a student that in most cases does not have a text book and learns through the network he or she has created. This is much like our EDM 310 class because we only meet every so often and we have to create our own learning network.
A teacher is needed to steer the students through learning how to use the networking process. Our EDM310 class has labs every week that are helpful because the teachers can help to direct us. Although the teacher is there to direct us, we do it on our own. This forces us to learn things and we will then be able to teach our students these things.

A 7th grader’s personal learning environment

I was amazed at how organized this 7th grader’s Personal Learning Environment was. I thought I was pretty advanced in the 7th grade with technology, but I am quickly learning I was wrong. My PLN is not even close to this 7th graders PLE. Hers was much more advanced and organized. I was very impressed and hope I can one day be this technology literate as well as teach my students to be.

The Machine is Changing us by: Michael Wesch

I thought this video was quite intriguing. Mr. Wesch delivered his speech extremely well. As he introduced his concept of Media Ecology, it really got me thinking. This idea of Media Ecology is that the media are environments and they arbitrate conversations then conversations change who we are. We all look at the media for things about how to dress and what to say. Wesch’s comparison of his students in a classroom to people auditioning for American Idol shows how media impacts us. The students in the classroom were extremely bored while the American Idol contestants were excited. Therefore, the role of media controls our lives.
I think the media has a lot of impact on myself as well as fellow classmates. Most of my clothes I wear because movie stars have them and they are trendy. Mr. Wesch does a great job delivering his speech and being enthusiastic throughout.


  1. Kia Ora Kristen,
    Thank you for leaving Eric a comment on his post. He'll be so excited when he sees it. We're all on holiday at the moment and our last school term for the year starts on Monday 11th October. We appreciate receiving feedback. All the best for the continuation of your studies.

    Warm regards
    Priscilla Lavakula
    (Room 10 Teacher)

  2. Hey Kristen,
    First off I want to congratulate you on your grammatical correctness. Out of all the students' blogs I have viewed there are very few who appear to read through their blog post before posting it.

    I agree with you that the media is not just something we watch or listen to. It is the environment we live in. We can choose to do everything the way everyone else is doing it and remain narcissistic, or we can be individuals with a positive outlook and a will to help others. I feel we as teachers have no other choice than to turn from the media's selfish influences or our children will be doomed. Keep up the good work!

  3. Kristen,

    I definitely think you have a good understanding of the teacher's role with a networked student. Teachers are supposed to guide the student, and the only way for a student to truly learn is to actually perform on their own. As teachers we cannot expect students to retain lectures, but instead, they should be researching and connecting with others. From this experience, they are finding information and actually remembering what they have learned. They are building their own foundation and experiencing an intellectual journey instead of merely reading a textbook.

    However, I do think the role of the teacher is more than just a guide. Teachers build relationships with their students. They encourage them and talk to them. They can answer questions and mentor the students. I personally enjoy hearing someone speak and discussing controversial topics. Therefore, I do like the idea of the PLN, but I will not solely rely on it in my classroom.