Monday, November 29, 2010

Summary's for C4K 8-11

C4K 8: For this post I was assigned a class blog to comment on. The blog is a class blog out of Australia of 2nd graders. The post I commented on was about the class's followers of their blog. They were close to 20,000 followers and they had some predictions of the date they would reach 20,000 followers. One student, Riley, guessed the closest to the date. I congratulated Riley on his well guessed prediction and I think it is awesome they have so many followers.

C4K 9:For this post I was assigned a class blog as well. This is an 8th grade class's blog and their post was about a dance class they are able to take at their school. They posted a video showing the students dancing. They do ballroom dances to modern pop music. I thought this was so cool because not everyone likes to dance, but with the music they use it will show students that everyone can dance. I thought this was very cool and if I had this opportunity in school I would have taken it.

C4K 10: For this assignment I was assigned a student from Mrs. Melito's class. Marigrace was assigned to answer a few questions thoroughly and she did such a great job with this post. She had a few spelling and grammatical errors, but overall did an awesome job.

C4K 11: For this assignment I was assigned a student named Trey in Mrs. Huebner's 2nd grade class. His blog post was about Iowa football and he wrote "I Love Iowa Football They Are The Best :)" His post was really cute and had different fonts. He also did every other word yellow and black.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Additional Assignment 5

For the post "Sketchy Portraits," I think Mr. Spencer's main idea was that middle schoolers are going to act like they do and be considered rude because it is who they are. I think he was trying to prove the point that they aren't being rude, but being creative. For "The Medium Shapes the Learning", I think Mr. Spencer's idea here was to say not all technology is good in the classroom. Some technologies will be distracting to students and we shouldn't bring certain things in a classroom. The post titled "He Just likes the Class for the Pencils" is about the teachers. Students will not show respect to teachers who don't seem to care or show respect back. Kids aren't stupid. They know when a teacher has an attitude.

Blog Post 13

Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX) is a website that teachers can use for lesson plans and other things for the classroom. It has different sections on the website which include, Courses of Study, Web Resources, Lesson Plans, Search, Personal Workplace, Professional Learning, Podcast Treasury, and ALEXville. Teachers can find useful tools from each of these catgeories. For example, with the Lesson Plans, teachers can see what other teachers have done in the past as far as "lesson plans" and get ideas. If the teacher chose the category "Courses of Study," the teacher will be directed to pick a subject then choose what grade level. After this, the website will show different things to do in that particular subject with the class.
ALEX is a great website that every teacher should visit. It gives so much information that will help teachers new and old. Once I become a teacher I will use this website as much as possible. It will help me to see how I'm doing compared to other teachers as well as keep me updated with new things teachers will be doing.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Project 14: Teach Someone

Teach Someone

Blog post 12

For this post write a paragraph about the things you've seen and read in this video. Talk about what you agree with or disagree with.

Results for project 6

For my survey I asked some questions about the price of college. Of the 16 students I asked, 11 will be paying for their school which is close to 70%. With this said 62% will be in debt after they graduate from college. Of that 62%, 75% will have at least $15,000 in debt some may even have more than $20,000. 50% of the students are employed and are using this money to pay for their living expenses. Close to 40% live on campus and 40% live off campus while the remaining 20% live with their parents. 62% do have roommates that help with rent and utilities as well as other living expenses. 80% of the students on a scale of 1 to 10 agree with at least a 7 or higher that school is overpriced. With this information I gathered, I believe as well as my fellow classmates that college is definitely overpriced. With the way the economy is today, college graduates are having a hard time finding a job to pay back these debts. The government as well as school administrations should take every circumstance into consideration and think about the students rather than the universities.

Report on Project 16

For project 16 my group has decided to use videos about how technology can be helpful to educate students about other cultures. The people in my group are Morgan Mohler, Kathryn Buchanan and myself. We are going to explore and talk about the ways blogs, Skype and wikis can be used in classrooms to educate students on cultures from around the world. We will talk about how we can use these technologies in our own classrooms when we become teachers ourselves. After we have all our information and videos we will put them together using Glogster.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Summary for C4T #3

For C4T teacher 3 I was assigned Ann Carnevale. Her blog post was titles Computer Centers- Take 2. Her post was giving teachers different ideas on how to use and what to use the computers in the classroom for. She says first we need to decide the rotation of the computer use. She suggests putting a list of the students name by the computer and just go down in the list in sequence. After deciding on the rotation, you need to decide when you use them. The best time would be when you’re not directly teaching to the whole class. The next step she tells us is to decide what activities we will be teaching. The activities should take 5 to 15 minutes. She also put pictures up as examples taken from her own class room. I thought Ms. Ann did such a good job giving ideas and options for computer use in the classroom. I especially liked the pictures she posted because I am more of a visual learner. I really enjoyed this blog post and I learned a lot from her.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

C4K's 3-7 summaries

C4K #3
This blog post was from Room 10@ PT England School and the post I was assigned was from a boy named Eric. Eric posted a video about James Cook. His video was well presented and his information was great. He spoke with enthusiasm and did such a good job on his video.
C4K #4
This post was from a 6th graders blog titled BrookeLog10’s Blog. Her name is Brooke and her post was about a Japanese Lote Project she had to do for class. She had to write about a Japanese festival and include pictures, colors, and Japanese writing. She said she got a 6/10 on her project because she started it last minute. I thought it was cool they’re learning about Japan and I think she should start her projects a little earlier so she leaves out careless mistakes.
C4K# 5
For this assignment I commented on a 7th graders blog named Jesse. She had a post about herself and didn’t have much to say. She said her name is Jesse and she has one cat and two dogs. I told her to maybe add to that some things such as her favorite food and color. She could also talk about her friends and family.
C4K #6
This blog post was by a 7th grader named Madeline. Her post was called “My Question of the Week”. Her question was why the sky is blue. She says she knows it has to do with reflections in space, but she wants to really know why it is blue. I didn’t have the answer to that, but I did tell her I like the color blue and I think her question is a pretty common question.
C4K #7
This comment was on a class blog called Mr. McClung’s World. The blog post was titled “Lesson’s Learned”. His first lesson was about a boy named Chevy who is transferring schools and he had one request before he left. This request was to be on the weekly lessons blog post. Mr. McClung goes on to say how greatly Chevy will be missed. I thought it was pretty awesome that Mr. McClung could include him like that and I hope to one day fulfill the requests of my students as Mr. McClung has done. The second lesson on this post was about technology such as videos and smart boards. This is obviously interesting to me because this EDM class has taught me so much about technology. Finally, his third lesson of the week was about charity. The charity was about flexing muscles. The students could vote on who had the best pose, but every time they voted they had to pay a quarter and it all went to charity. I thought this was a fun and interesting way to raise money for charity. Most kids I know would love to do this.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog post 11

Ms. Cassidy's Approach to Technology

I really enjoyed the first video because I plan on teaching Kindergarden or 1st grade and those were the students she had in her video. Her approach to technology, in my opinion, is really great because she doesn't over do it and they really enjoy it. I will probably use blogging in my class room because this not only let's them say how they feel about certain situations, it teaches them to use to internet, how to type, and improves their writing skills. Just from blogging in this class alone I have seen improvements in my writing skills. Starting this at an early age only seems like the most knowledgable thing to do. Ms. Cassidy is right when she says technology isn't going anywhere and everyone needs to learn about it. Also, when she says "why would they want to hand write something for her to see when they can type it on their blog for everyone to see". Putting something on the internet for anyone to see only helps the student to realize that what they put on will reflect who they are as a person and this in turn could make or break their success. I really enjoyed the video and the skype chat. They were extremely helpful and I will be using these things in my class room one day.

additional assignment 3

I thought this video was really cool and Sir Robinson keeps it interesting. I think one of the most important points was when he talks about ADHD. He made it humerous, yet told the truth. Today, doctors just prescribe a medicine to keep children focused, but what really is going on is that the student is not excelling in a particular subject, but they could be excelling in something else. Most of the time it has to do a lot with the teacher. For example, I was told I have ADHD my freshman year of high-school. I'm taking a history class this year and with history being my worst subject I thought I should take my medicine. My teacher makes history so interesting and fun I don't even need my medicine. This is cool because it shows I'm really not ADHD, because when something interests me I can pay attention and really do well. I don't disagree with anything in this video, I feel like Sir Robinson makes valid points and supports his arguments with great examples. As an educator, I can hopefully one day help my students to see their more intellectual side and help them to figure out what they are interested in so they have a successful life. I thought this presentation was pretty cool and if I had to do one I would want to be the artist or maybe the narrator.