Tuesday, November 2, 2010

additional assignment 3

I thought this video was really cool and Sir Robinson keeps it interesting. I think one of the most important points was when he talks about ADHD. He made it humerous, yet told the truth. Today, doctors just prescribe a medicine to keep children focused, but what really is going on is that the student is not excelling in a particular subject, but they could be excelling in something else. Most of the time it has to do a lot with the teacher. For example, I was told I have ADHD my freshman year of high-school. I'm taking a history class this year and with history being my worst subject I thought I should take my medicine. My teacher makes history so interesting and fun I don't even need my medicine. This is cool because it shows I'm really not ADHD, because when something interests me I can pay attention and really do well. I don't disagree with anything in this video, I feel like Sir Robinson makes valid points and supports his arguments with great examples. As an educator, I can hopefully one day help my students to see their more intellectual side and help them to figure out what they are interested in so they have a successful life. I thought this presentation was pretty cool and if I had to do one I would want to be the artist or maybe the narrator.

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