Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog post 11

Ms. Cassidy's Approach to Technology

I really enjoyed the first video because I plan on teaching Kindergarden or 1st grade and those were the students she had in her video. Her approach to technology, in my opinion, is really great because she doesn't over do it and they really enjoy it. I will probably use blogging in my class room because this not only let's them say how they feel about certain situations, it teaches them to use to internet, how to type, and improves their writing skills. Just from blogging in this class alone I have seen improvements in my writing skills. Starting this at an early age only seems like the most knowledgable thing to do. Ms. Cassidy is right when she says technology isn't going anywhere and everyone needs to learn about it. Also, when she says "why would they want to hand write something for her to see when they can type it on their blog for everyone to see". Putting something on the internet for anyone to see only helps the student to realize that what they put on will reflect who they are as a person and this in turn could make or break their success. I really enjoyed the video and the skype chat. They were extremely helpful and I will be using these things in my class room one day.


  1. "Just from blogging in this class alone I have seen improvements in my writing skills." Great.

    I am glad you will be using these approaches.

  2. I hope to teach kindergarten or first grade as well! I think think that many just view technology as a tool for older students, but I loved seeing how Mrs. Cassidy's used technological approaches with a classroom filled of 6 year olds! Very inspirational.