Thursday, November 4, 2010

C4K's 3-7 summaries

C4K #3
This blog post was from Room 10@ PT England School and the post I was assigned was from a boy named Eric. Eric posted a video about James Cook. His video was well presented and his information was great. He spoke with enthusiasm and did such a good job on his video.
C4K #4
This post was from a 6th graders blog titled BrookeLog10’s Blog. Her name is Brooke and her post was about a Japanese Lote Project she had to do for class. She had to write about a Japanese festival and include pictures, colors, and Japanese writing. She said she got a 6/10 on her project because she started it last minute. I thought it was cool they’re learning about Japan and I think she should start her projects a little earlier so she leaves out careless mistakes.
C4K# 5
For this assignment I commented on a 7th graders blog named Jesse. She had a post about herself and didn’t have much to say. She said her name is Jesse and she has one cat and two dogs. I told her to maybe add to that some things such as her favorite food and color. She could also talk about her friends and family.
C4K #6
This blog post was by a 7th grader named Madeline. Her post was called “My Question of the Week”. Her question was why the sky is blue. She says she knows it has to do with reflections in space, but she wants to really know why it is blue. I didn’t have the answer to that, but I did tell her I like the color blue and I think her question is a pretty common question.
C4K #7
This comment was on a class blog called Mr. McClung’s World. The blog post was titled “Lesson’s Learned”. His first lesson was about a boy named Chevy who is transferring schools and he had one request before he left. This request was to be on the weekly lessons blog post. Mr. McClung goes on to say how greatly Chevy will be missed. I thought it was pretty awesome that Mr. McClung could include him like that and I hope to one day fulfill the requests of my students as Mr. McClung has done. The second lesson on this post was about technology such as videos and smart boards. This is obviously interesting to me because this EDM class has taught me so much about technology. Finally, his third lesson of the week was about charity. The charity was about flexing muscles. The students could vote on who had the best pose, but every time they voted they had to pay a quarter and it all went to charity. I thought this was a fun and interesting way to raise money for charity. Most kids I know would love to do this.

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