Sunday, November 14, 2010

Results for project 6

For my survey I asked some questions about the price of college. Of the 16 students I asked, 11 will be paying for their school which is close to 70%. With this said 62% will be in debt after they graduate from college. Of that 62%, 75% will have at least $15,000 in debt some may even have more than $20,000. 50% of the students are employed and are using this money to pay for their living expenses. Close to 40% live on campus and 40% live off campus while the remaining 20% live with their parents. 62% do have roommates that help with rent and utilities as well as other living expenses. 80% of the students on a scale of 1 to 10 agree with at least a 7 or higher that school is overpriced. With this information I gathered, I believe as well as my fellow classmates that college is definitely overpriced. With the way the economy is today, college graduates are having a hard time finding a job to pay back these debts. The government as well as school administrations should take every circumstance into consideration and think about the students rather than the universities.

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