Monday, November 29, 2010

Summary's for C4K 8-11

C4K 8: For this post I was assigned a class blog to comment on. The blog is a class blog out of Australia of 2nd graders. The post I commented on was about the class's followers of their blog. They were close to 20,000 followers and they had some predictions of the date they would reach 20,000 followers. One student, Riley, guessed the closest to the date. I congratulated Riley on his well guessed prediction and I think it is awesome they have so many followers.

C4K 9:For this post I was assigned a class blog as well. This is an 8th grade class's blog and their post was about a dance class they are able to take at their school. They posted a video showing the students dancing. They do ballroom dances to modern pop music. I thought this was so cool because not everyone likes to dance, but with the music they use it will show students that everyone can dance. I thought this was very cool and if I had this opportunity in school I would have taken it.

C4K 10: For this assignment I was assigned a student from Mrs. Melito's class. Marigrace was assigned to answer a few questions thoroughly and she did such a great job with this post. She had a few spelling and grammatical errors, but overall did an awesome job.

C4K 11: For this assignment I was assigned a student named Trey in Mrs. Huebner's 2nd grade class. His blog post was about Iowa football and he wrote "I Love Iowa Football They Are The Best :)" His post was really cute and had different fonts. He also did every other word yellow and black.

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