Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blog Post #5

Eagle’s Nest Radio and Class Blog

This was several different podcasts that were done by a third grade class. These were very interesting podcasts. The first one was the third grade class teaching us about Rome. I learned many facts I didn’t know about Rome like the fact that Cleopatra was not Egyptian, she was actually from Rome. I thought the music in the background went well with each kid and their tone of voice. I really enjoyed listening to this.
The second podcast this third grade class created was called Totally Terrific Time Travel with Explorers. I liked the effects in this podcast. When Lizzie went on to give her vocabulary lesson there was an echo. It was just enough to make effects, but not too much to annoy the listener.
The third podcast created was called Take a BITE Out of Shark Facts. I love how enthusiastic the kids are and they keep me listening. Most third graders are shy, but these kids seem very smart and mature. I really love their podcasts and I will be using theirs as examples.
Lastly, the final podcast was an interview called A Shark-tastic Interview where she interviewed a shark expert named Mr. Ward. The little girl doing the interview asked many great questions and the class responded well to Mr. Ward’s answers. These kids are very intelligent and I learned so much from all of their podcasts.

Podcast Collection by: Judy Scharf

This information from Judy Scharf was very informative and helpful. She tells what a podcast is exactly and it is a combination between a “broadcast” and an iPod. I have seen the podcast option on my iTunes and I never really knew what it was. Not only does she tell us what a Podcast is, she gives links to show how to use it as well as tips. Not only is this helpful for everyday knowledge about Podcasts, it will be extremely helpful when making the Podcasts for this class.

100 Ways to Use you iPod to Learn and Study better

I found this extremely enlightening because I had no idea you could do all this with your iPod. My group’s topic for our Podcast is using an iPad in schools. This list of 100 ways to use it to learn and study from is so helpful. Even though Sparknotes was number one on the list it really grabbed my attention. The women that wrote this is right when she says Sparknotes are a student’s best friend. I used Sparknotes more in high-school than I used my textbooks. I loved this because I now know so many new things about the iPad.

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  1. There are many bull sharks in Mobile Bay I see. And iPods. Maybe Travis was right about iSchool. He is quite likely to visit EDM310 this semester.