Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

A. and B. Google Squared and WolframAlpha provide so many educational implications. My biggest pet peeve is when I search for something and I get thousands of results that have nothing to do with what I searched for. These two search engines were so helpful in that they were quick and found exactly what I was looking for. Research papers obviously require research, with these two search engines the stress of finding results you’re unsure of or can’t trust doesn’t exist anymore.

C and D. Before this assignment I did not know either of these search engines even existed. I’ve never heard of them and I’m actually thankful for this assignment because I really like using these search engines.

E. My thoughts didn’t really change about the “Did you know?” video. I thought it was insane about China and India but I did take into consideration the sizes of the two countries.

F. I learned that when you look at statistics you can’t just look at, for example, population numbers. You have to look at the size of the location as well. You have to take all numbers into consideration, not just the certain number you’re looking at.

Food for Thought Post: I think it is pretty amazing that a 6 year old was able to use an iPad. I think iPad and iTouches are great for learning and easy to use, obviously.

Pitcairn Islands map

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