Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blog Post 4

Don’t teach your kids this stuff. Please? By Scott Mcleod

After reading Dr. Mcleod’s blog about “not” teaching your kids or students to use technology, I completely agree with him. I love how sarcastic he is because I too am very sarcastic. Kids need to learn these crazy things about technology and they need to learn as early as possible. This is because technology changes so fast, when something new comes out kids should immediately start to use it. Technology is the key to the future and without learning about it, kids will not be as successful as they are capable of being.
Dr. Mcleod is an Associate Professor of Educational Administration at Iowa State University and the Director of the UCEA Center for the Advancement Study of Technology in Education (CASTLE). He also is the creator of the “Did you know?” video we watched in a previous blog assignment. I actually really enjoyed that video, it had some crazy facts.

The iSchool initiative

Travis Allen is a 17 year old at a public high-school in Georgia. He starts off by saying he has a solution to the problem in public school systems. He asks the question of “Does technology belong in our classroom?” I think he answered his own question as yes and thoroughly explained why. He says it will change the face of public education which is much needed in Mobile County.
He made some extremely ideal points for the idea of an ischool. His estimated amount of money saved is $600 a student. I believe an ischool would actually save more money than $600 a student. All the apps he mentioned on the itouch are great for the classroom. The problem I have with this is that there are thousands of apps that aren’t good for a classroom, but students who are easily distracted can make use of them in the classroom, which wouldn’t be a good thing. Another problem about apps like Calendar or Classics is that many students, like me, are more of hands on. I like to write my assignments and write my notes. I could bring my laptop to class and take notes and I would probably get a lot more written down or typed if I did this, but writing it is a study method as well. The same goes for when I write an assignment down, I tend to remember it more so than when I type it. I think the ischool would be great for many students, but like I’ve said before in other blog posts, not all students learn the same. And to answer the question of “Does technology belong in our classroom?” I believe it is yes, to a certain point. Not an entire school though.

The Lost Generation Video

I agree completely with this video. I think when people tell us things and we don’t try to argue or give a rebuttal, and we just go a long with what they say, that’s how things will be. If we reverse what they say and prove them wrong, we can live our lives how we want rather than how someone else wants us to. I found this video to be very cool. I loved how when she reversed what she said the words stayed the same, but the statements were reversed. Genius.

Eric Whitaker’s Virtual Video

I actually hated this video. I don’t believe this use of the internet is good. If I want to hear this and see this I feel like it would be much more rewarding actually going to a theater and hearing it. Don’t get me wrong, this is intelligent and amazing that technology can actually do these things, but again, I didn’t like it. This reminds me of watching a music channel on TV and seeing your favorite artist in concert. It just isn’t the same actually getting tickets and going to see your favorite artist LIVE in concert. This was interesting, but I don’t believe this is what technology should be used for.


  1. Hi, Kristen. I have to start by saying that it is refreshing to read that we agree on the virtual choir. I believe in my heart of hearts that music, especially that sort of music, would be way better live. There is something within me that only music can evoke and it just didn't feel the same with that video. Anyway, about the ischool, my opinions of this kinda go hand in hand with the virtual choir. How can people get by without ever being in contact with one another. Schools today are the main social stage and I don't think that computers should take that away from us as a people. Now, as far as having all classrooms enhanced with this sort of technology is another issue entirely. To me it's an issue of taking care of our world of our Earth. When I was really young I got made fun of for being so Earth concious but now I believe everyone is catching on. If we don't get more personal with each other we will wind up like that lost generation. You said it yourself if we start to reverse others will follow suit.

  2. i play guitar myself, and music coming straight from it is beautiful versus a youtube production. so i would have to say that i like it better live as well. im interested... what do you think technology should be used for?

  3. I actually disagree with your post on the youtube video. Yes, I also prefer to hear or see things live, but what about for people who DON'T have the chance to see things live? To me, this would be an amazing thing to see for people who can't get that type of opportunity.

  4. So are we to design our instructional strategies to meed the whims of students who are "easily distracted"?

    Technology "is the key to our future" as you note in the comment about Dr. McLeod, but you still use pencil and paper as a study tool? Somehow those don't jibe.

    I sure won't try and dissuade you from "hating" the Virtual Choir. But your classmates made the point that a virtual choir can be better than none at all!