Thursday, December 2, 2010

Summary for C4T

For my C4T 4 the teacher I was assigned was Beth Still. For the first post, titled "Teaching Kids in Poverty", I commented on she talked about teaching children who were "at risk" or in poverty. This post really caught my attention because she said it takes a special person to do this. I agree with her completely because I know I want to teach children and help children, but I'm not sure I would be the right person to teach those kids. I think these children need inspirational people to teach them and that's exactly what Beth Still is. She's an inspirer and helps these kids to be successful.
For the second post, titled "Adjustments Lead to Major Improvements" I read by Beth Still she talked about how so many students failed to finsih their final project for her class and in turn failed this class. She didn't blame her students for this, she realized they had other issues to deal with in their home life so she changed the way it is done. She decided to take it step by step day by day and do it through the year reather than all at once. She went to great lengths to help these students and I think it's awesome. I'm sure these students will one day appreciate her if they don't already.

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