Saturday, December 4, 2010

Final Post for PLN

The above image is a screenshot of my Personal Learning Network. For my PLN I have added a variety of websites. In the bottom left corner I have my blog, the class blog, Skype, a few videos we watched for our blogs, as well as some websites I was able to watch through this EDM310 class. In the bottom right corner I have added more of my entertainment section. This section includes websites such as twitter, itunes, pandora, apple, and my horoscope. I also have all of my email accounts (Gmail, AOL, Jaguar Main) and USA homepage. In the top right corner I have some of my personal websites. I really love having my PLN because it is so convenient. I created it using Symbaloo which is so easy to use because I can easily delete and add different websites as I find them. 

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